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, targeting innocent people in this city and in this region. yesterday leaders from throughout the region including leaders from businesses and unions, government, law enforcement and community groups came together to pull resources and protect our core values of public safety. collectively this group that by my office is posting a reward of $1 million for information that will lead to mr. dorner's capture. we will not tolerated anyone undermining the security, the tranquility of our neighborhoods and our communities. we will not tolerate this rein have terror that has robbed us of the piece of mind that residents of southern california deserve. we will not tolerate this murderer remaining at large. authorities from los angeles, irvine, riverside, the f.b.i., the united states marshal service and other agencies are working together to bring this ordeal to an end. let me say this. some of you have heard me say this over the last seven and a half years again and again. we are safe as we are. we are safer than any time since the 1950s and no small part because the lapd, the sheriff's departm
a deadly shooting that happened just a few hours ago. they tell us a man was shot in the city's western edition. alex savidge is live there now. what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: we are getting very limited information from police this morning. that is because it's so early on in this investigation. a sergeant that was out here confirmed a man was shot and killed. he was found right over near this corner. near the intersection of hayes and webster. an anonymous caller reported gunfire in this area around 2:00 this morning. we'll show you that video. officers were out here for most of the morning. police tell us the victim was rushed to the hospital after suffering at least one gunshot wound. he died there from his injuries. homicide investigators searching for the shooter involved here. a sergeant told me they don't have a description on the person to put out. in just a couple minutes ago i talked to one woman who told me she heard one gunshot and saw this crime scene. >> it sounded like a gunshot and i knew somebody was dead. police know that sound. it's bad. >> reporter: so as
. new york city, mayor bloomberg praised snow crews and first responders. new york city area airports reopened yesterday and some train service between new york and boston is expected to resume today. >>> the d.c. area lucked out with this storm, scraping by with only some of us seeing a few inches. but the weather caused major headaches for travelers. according to, more than 5,000 flights were canceled this weekend. many passengers still in good spirits, saying it's not much they can do about the weather. remember, you can traffic winter weather with the fox 5 weather app. if you can't get to a tv, fox 5 is streaming our newscast live to your cell phone. go to for more information. >>> still developing this morning, a nationwide manhunt continues for a former los angeles police officer accused of killing three people. now investigators are expanding their search to mexico, after a four-day search in the snowy california mountains proved unsuccessful. here's that story. >> reporter: bumper-to-bumper traffic and long delays for people heading into mexico. >>
purchased in its international school in new york city were none of the students are native english speakers. ms. houser tells the story of a student who escaped nepal and attended the international high school. >> so many advocates have amazing stories and the one i wanted to read is about a tibetan boy who left tibet as a little boy, escaped by hiding in a suitcase to travel to the border of nepal and so he and i worked pretty hard on his story to get all the facts straight. the man said motioning at a small suitcase on the ground. it was the fall of 2003, two years before a new one would arrive in international and they're standing on a street. he looked at the man in back of the suitcase. the man was his father's friend, a farmer with a faith filled with worry. black nylon the plastic handlebar, rubber wheels. noong had never touched a suitcase before and inspected it closely. there was chinese flattering on it he could not read. the main compartment was only about two by three feet, the size of a child's coffin. noong was small for 11, but he wasn't that small. he got the firmware must
one or pick somebody up because things are busy. just one runway running. across the city there's good news. the mbta, the t as it's called, had been shut down. it's expected to opennen a limited basis this afternoon. the focus is tomorrow's rush hour. they want to be ready for monday morning. that's the goal and they think they're going to be able to achieve that. they advise things could be running slowly. plan to be there early and a slow ride to work. let's touch on the power outages. the majority of them are south of boston. the south shore, cape cod, 80,000 still without power on cape cod. a little bit of good news to come. tomorrow it's expected to warm to 40 degrees. today's a beautiful day. that gives crews a chance to get out and help get power back on and get their heat back in their homes. i'm sure they look forward to that. >> molly, thank you. >>> now that the snow totals are in, the not so lucky winner of the storm is milford, connecticut, with a whopping 38 inches. that's enough to lose many breeds of small dogs. anna is live in milford. you drew the short straw. how is
as -- in rural new york higher fertility rates than soon to become new york city. as you have a more urban country, a less rural country. children survive at the higher rate, you're naturally getting people to have fewer babies. again, these are good effects. that's one of the things i try to mention in the book is that, you know, to preserve the overall effect on this creates problems. not every one of the causes is a problem. some are wonderful things. and even wonderful things can, you know, have ill and adverse effects. >> well, why would urbanization lower fertility? >> guest: well, lots of reasons. one which is simple cost. when you urbanize, everything costs more. the higher your population density, the higher your costs of living. higher land costs, higher child care costs, higher education costs, and not just that. as we look back historically and we move from, you know, to an industrial society. in a society children are free work. right. you have seven kids and workingen a a family farm by the time the kids are 10 years old. those are helping hands. when you live in the city and
the type who likes to curl up with the good book? there's a new study that says dc is the most literal city in america. the honor comes with a healthy dose of irony. >> i think that's really cool. >> i'm excited. >> obviously we're flattered. >> flattered that so many dc residents are letting books take them on a journey. lacy works for politics and pros book store. she is so excited by a book she read. >> gives me chills to think about it. she's so wonderful. >> that enthusiasm is contagious. a new study says the residents of dc are more literal than their counterparts in any other city. >> wonderfully loyal to us and loyal to the printed word in general. >> i read a lot, yes. >> it's true too people very well read. >> the researchers measured things like how many book stores a city has. how many people still read the newspaper. and how much education people get. >> at 14th and b northwest inside the restaurant and book store, bus boys and poets. >> it's mentally stimulating. >> i've seen a lot of book readings here. come specifically for that. >> readers we talked with agree it's rather i
and got a new law that compelled more cities than to join posses that were hunting people accused of being a runaway slaves who had allegedly escaped into the free states. most of all, the champions of slavery sought ways to detain a control diet almost continuously exercised over the federal government since the american revolution and to prevent above all, prevent others from using the federal government in ways that might have the slaveowner sensuous. in doing this, by the way, they were really aided by a cause of the constitution, the so-called three fifths clause that gave southern whites have your representation in the house of representatives and the room numbers otherwise would have warranted. southerners also saw it this representation in congress and a steadily increasing the number of slave states in the union. soil moisture in the 1840s the davises hursley demanded and lustily cheered both the annexation of texas and war with mexico. which incidentally removed and transferred to the united states only behalf of the national terrain of mexico. southerners cheered this war in hop
in new york city . heading west ward, we have a brand new winder storm . this has blizzard conditions tonight and tomorrow morning . wide spread time period and blizzard conditions and harris on the southern end we'll have severe weather in texas and oklahoma . the storm heads east tomorrow and more severe weather . mississippi and alabama. >> maria, we'll check back with you on that situation as we go one extreme to the other. >> and what aed to be from space. nasa satellites. capturing what the storm was looking like as it hit us yesterday . blanketing a huge portion under a mass of white clouds. we are watching that situation in massachusetts on the coastline and people are evacuated and we'll check back on that inside of the fox report. we'll check to massive man hunt, day 4 for a fugitive wanted for a string of vengeance video. we are seeing brand new video of christopher dorner in police training. that is him on the left doing the screaming. dorner in the lafd and getting physical with a co-worker who is playing the role of a criminal. he is a former navy reserve it and people t
students and a teacher at his middle school in the city of poway. the boy is in custody. >>> this evening, another story from the gulf of mexico. thousands of passengers on a cruise ship that's drifting without power. a fire breaking out in the engine room of the carnival triumph. about 150 miles off the coast of mexico. automatic sprinklers put it out. 4,200 passengers on board. but with no power, they're working on towing the boat back to texas. >>> the other major story, the aftermath of the blizzard of 2013. the death toll readsing tonight. across the northeast, this was the picture. this was a street in boston where they spent all day digging out. tonight the death toll is up to 11 people across four states. 290,000 families still without power. our extreme weather team on all of this. ginger zee on the other brewing threat tonight in the weather, but first gio benitez in connecticut, where more than half the town is still in the dark tonight. gio? >> reporter: good evening, david. emergency operation centers like this one are desperately working to get everything back to normal. ton
in. in new york city, a rainy morning monday going into work, but in the afternoon, 45 degrees and the rain will have moved out by then. now, here's what's happening. an area of low pressure has developed in the rockies. what will happen with that, it will bring snow, we actually have blizzard warnings from north dakota and nebraska. rain today about half an inch of it in chicago. and here is monday 10:00 a.m., you see a lot of the rain and then it pushes off the coast and in new york, it's done, it's moved out already by the time you make your way home tomorrow an. >> all right. well, something to keep an eye on. alexandra steele, thanks so much. >>> well, he was a cop on the l.a. police force and navy researchist lieutenant. so what could have prompted christopher dorner to go over the edge and allegedly kill three people in cold blood? a look at that next. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved
to be careful about, but a south florida or new york industryic city economy. houses markets are so strong because it is a shrinking inventory, it pushes property value up. liz: the viewer is probably thinking, i thought we were in a huge housing crack up. then we're in recovery mode, i to to report a statement about a case schuller study. this person is a critic, watch out for housing numbers that are coming in. data is skewed, neighborhoods where subprime lending was rampant, and massive foreclosures, and now you see people coming in to buy these houses, that is spewing the data upwards, there has been a lot of price depreciation since 2006 in those areas, should be put this in perspective of what really happened in the housing market? >> we should, but we need to look at, at median income price point, rental rates, they have escalated over the last 5 years, rental rates for apartments have sky-rocketed. now the delta between cost of homeownership and cost of renting is equivalent, in some cases it is more expensive to rent than buy, in those markets that is where you see the rapid appre
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)